What our clients are saying…

“Carma Media produced a variety of creative lifestyle marketing videos that incorporate our products, delivering our key brand message targeted for B2B and B2C customers. They have a great team of marketing and multi media experts who were able to assist my company with our needs. Highly recommended for any businesses looking for product marketing videos, infomercials and commercial ad spots.” – George Joseph, Hawaii Kai Corporation

“The marketing executive and digital media producer worked closely with me and my management involving an informercial video project that clearly defines my company’s mission statement and marketing objectives. Not only are they extremely professional in what they do, the quality of their work is truly remarkable. Two Thumbs Up! – B. Ghai, Phytonics Inc.

“Carma Media produced my band’s first music video and they did a fantastic job! Not only did our fans love it but it was selected to be featured on MTV! Creativity, Dynamic, Compelling, Brilliant! Any music artist should have his or her music video produced by Carma Media team!” – Lee Harding, Echo Revolution

“Carma Media was instrumental in developing and producing a wide variety of digital media content and educational videos for a public safety grant website project over a course of 3 years. Their core team members are not only talented and skilled in what they do, they are detail oriented, hard working and responsive. They sure know how to deliver fantastic content as well as take great care of their clients! – R. Michelson, Professor at Grossmont College

“Carma Media is a one of a kind digital media production company that stepped up to produce a series of TV show for the under represented Asian and Pacific Islander community. If it weren’t for Carma Media, our community would not have a voice in the mainstream media. Not only did they produce a wonderful TV program, they gave us a unique opportunity to get our voices heard! Kudos to Carma Media and their brilliant team! – WK. Choi, CEO of Asian Culture and Media Alliance (ACMA)

“I was referred to Carma Media by a business acquaintance 5 years ago for a marketing video project to showcase my products and services. I was amazed at their responsiveness, lcreativity and knowledge related to my target clients and market in the healthcare industry. They have assisted my company on many levels with various projects from conducting market research, competitive analysis and promotional collateral to powerful product marketing videos, commercial ad spots and social media campaigns. Anything and everything seems possible with Carma Media!”- Cindy R. Cha, Senior Analyst and Financial Consultant