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Asian Voices Season 3: Kimchi Cosplay

Asian Voices Season 3: Anglea Sun

Asian Voices Season 3: Na Koa Kai Canoe Club for Youth

Asian Voices Season 3: Zac King





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Hawaii Kai Sea Salts

Hawaii Kai Sea Salts for Spa & Beauty

Hawaii Kai Sea Salts for Seasoning

Kimchi Pasta Movie Film Trailer (In Development)

SOCAL Warriors Reality TV Show Trailer (In Development)

Delta Nutrassentials:  Video Living with ALDH2 Deficiency 

Delta Nutrassentials:  Video Living with ALDH2 Deficiency (Commercial Ad)

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 

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Dreams For Dinner Documentary (Behind the Scenes)

Daily English Online Interview

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PBS Top Chef Korean Food Challenge

Asian Women Leaders in Media Educational Series

Barry Cohen’s Sinatra 100th Birthday Tribute

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“Knapsack” Echo Revolution (SD)

“Live in this Moment”  Cathlyn Choi (SD)

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